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 Server Rules

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PostSubject: Server Rules    Sun Mar 17, 2013 9:07 am

The whole reason for having a Rules of Conduct is to make sure that the game world is a pleasant place to be. If you've read those Rules, you will notice that they are very simple common sense guidelines. So what happens when someone breaks the Rules of Conduct? In the interests of keeping things pleasant for the majority of players, we've set up a system to deal with lapses in behavior. We think the system is fair, balanced, and reasonable.

Major Abuses:

1. Real Money Trades or Php - to attempt to trade your items for real money
2. Inter-server Trade - attempt to trade your account for one in another server.
3. Hacking- Unauthorized access to server and/or other player’s account.
4. Scamming - to trick another player into doing/giving something to/for you
5. Bug Abuse - (To use a flaw of the game for your benefit): Bugs must be reported as soon as possible. If a Game Master is not to respond said request, the player must file a bug report under our Bug Abuse Thread at forums.
6. Usage of 3rd party programs, editing... - using a program which bypasses skill delays, etc.

Community Related Abuses

1. Impersonation – for the benefit of having items/harming the following below.
Name: posing as another player
Guild: copying guild name
Staff Impersonation: posing as an DHMU Staff
2. Harassment – personal attacks on a player/s. This includes the discussion and/or distribution of any personal or private information or pictures as well as slandering/defaming/spreading rumors about another player.
Racism: discrimination for different races
Sexual harassment: intimidation, bullying or coercion sexually.

3. Chat Spamming - Something is considered spam when the same (or a similar) message is repeated very often

4. Disrespecting DHMU Staff - The staff's decision is final. Players can seek clarification as to why they were punished; however, they may not disrespect, flame, nor be flippant to any staff because of a punishment. This will no longer be tolerated and will result in further punishment. And we also have the right to refuse service to you.

Note: Please be reminded that even if all these rules have been laid out, there are some issues that were not covered. However, actions of all players that are considered to be unfair and immoral, we reserve the right to punish players on our own discretion.
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Server Rules
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